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dice mice

sry i havent been updatin over here for awhile...
work's been very veryyy busyyy cuz everybody's finally spending money after realizing that all dis "the economy is bad" crap is out of its way.
honestly, the economy isn't bad. its all an illusion that some crazy person created so we can freak out like how we always do about change.
wut swine flu? i feel totally fine. pigs can fly all they want and i wudnt care. lol

im soooo excited.
its not ur typical college or university...just a school.
but after i complete the req. classes i can become a license health counselour. NICE!
i dont want my own practice tho.
i simply want to apply all the stuff im going to learn there to work
and grow within the company.
who knows?
dont u worry tho!!!! i still got my eye on that makeup career too!

werd.....i used to say that all the time bak in high school.