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love ain't so pure

so I'm like wtf?
I took this weekend off, even though were shit busy.
like shit shit busy I'm about to shit on the floor busy.
we just opened up our own store, everybody's all over the place,
and here i am on sunday waking up and just chillin....i should be workin.

you can be a dickhead sometimes
and i can be a bitch sometimes

you're telling me not to be out late?
you're making me keep promises just so you can feel like a man and be in control?
naaaaa it don't work that way

i may be young but that doesn't mean you get to swing me around
im not ur typical oriental flower that's gona say obey everythin.

just, fuckin learn.


so i went to work for a lil bit last night,
just to see how everybody was doing. all good.
alfredo checked my papers for my interview on thurs.
i sooooo want this job.
i want it so bad.......i wanna make my team the very best in the NE region. no joke.
my component is a strong one comin from CC.
she's got 5 more years than me in education
and she's like 30?
sooooooooo it's either a 20yr old who graduated high school just last year
or a 30yr old black chick who has a BA and learned management while i was crushing on some 8th grader.

they should just hire 2.
just. hire. 2. duh