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にゃ にゃ


お昼に起きて ぼーっとして
テレビみて めっちゃ笑って
ご飯を食べて ルルと遊んで
勉強して のーぱそで調べ物しまくって
ストレッチをはじめて いきなり運動をちょんちょんして
Southparkを見て Cartmanのアホさに爆笑して




心の中で いっぱーい泣きました

ゅーぼnは 恋をし続ける

love as if you've never been hurt

how to be taken seriously

I had no idea that I was 'that' girl all this time
'that' girl on the side

no wonder he was being so shady

It's very hurtful.

I have been 'that' girl a few times.

and I'm the only one who doesn't realize it
until it's too late.

I don't mess with married men.

I didn't know I was with a man who was already commited

everything makes so much sense now,
why he was acting this way, that way,
why we only hung out at certain times,
why.........tons of things.

I'm glad I trusted my instincts,
but wow I am so down.

wait for you

I miss who I thought he was.

His jealousy was over the top,
and sometimes he had controlling problems.
but he is a great guy, he really is. amazing even.
I never wanted to change him, only some of his ways.
because caring isn't just about feeling, it's about 'doing' too.
but you constantly tried to change who I am,
and I felt so lost.

I'm sorry my chicken casserole didn't satisfy your taste buds.
I'm sorry that button I sewed back on your shirt only lasted a few weeks.
I'm sorry I'm not traditional.
I'm sorry I ended up not being your ideal.

I can't make you happy. because I can't change.

I keep thinking about all the fun times we had
and I'm starting to miss it, but I'm not going back.
I'm sorry.