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ich liebe berlin

i miss berlin.
the little games i played with the controllers on the u-bahn.
buying a beer for 1 euro at a lotto shop at 10am
watching all the creative ppl get stoned at the park while they make art
bar-hopping until 9am with friends and totally regretting it the next day
going to tacheles and chilling out with the artists there while we smoke together
being careful not to step on dog poop while taking a stroll (actually i don't miss that part)
the people in berlin are so serene, so calm, so....themselves.

i'm back in new york now,
where everything is so fast-paced
everybody is competing with each other and time
every single fucking moment of the day.
it never stops. the twirling and swirling of time.

nyc is a lovely place
but it's not for me.

but for now, i shall embrace every fuckin light it has to offer.
my goal is to make 10,000 in 3 months.
watch meeeeeee bitchesss!