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negative + negative = positive.

It took me like, 5 fuckin tries until i finally got into this blog.
looks like somebody's been a fool and was slippin on updating.
but i've had this blog for over 7 years now *gasp* so a few slippin' here and there shall cause no more problems any longer.
i heart you blog.
just some place to write and write...and write and write. what a fuckin endless loop. everything just keeps going , and going, and going, , and going.
kinda like when you wake up one day on a sunny, bright, dazzling, warm day and ask yourself "shit, what a fuckin endless loop." ok. i'm over it.

That's why i always need some fuckin variety in my life. a little bit of europe here, some jewish dudes over there. what..?

May I say that today was the SHITTIEST MOST CRAPPIEST FUCKIN JUST AWFUL day in a fuckin while?
like, it's been suuuuper while since i last had a crappy day. like that day this dude i was seeing during the summer aka travi and i broke up. yeah, that sucked. oh well. i'm over it.
yeah. it was just fuckin horrible dude.
I not only had to do double-shift today (14 long in my ass hours)
it was fucking BUSY. like no time to fuckin go to the back and make myself an "i don't want to be here, thus i'm going to make myself a" cocktail.
first it was the phone for fuckin deliveries 2 blocks down b/c the dude was too fuckin lazy and too busy being fat that he makes illegal immigrants delivery his food right to his door.
then came a happy bundle of asian ppl. all ^-^ and ^_^ and ^-^.
(im NOT trying to be funny here. i literally saw ^-^, ^_^, and ^-^ the moment they came in.
do those emoticons looks like happy faces or cat ears?
if you thought cat ears.... then nipa-------------.


so yeah. it was really fuckin busy today.
one by one came the tourists, the regulars, the stalker who comes in just to talk to me, the homeless asking to use the bathroom, the pretentious hipsters, the underaged NYU kids, another group of happy trippy asians........the list goes on.

I was the only waitress working and it was fuckin nutty. I was so boss today though, and i was so proud of my busgirl that i gave her extra money.

long story short,
this fuckin hot oil that was on a chicken skillet dripped on my hand right when i was about to put it on the table and the 4 dude customers went "ooooh....ARE YOU OKAY? LIKE I HAVE A FIRST AID KIT IN MY CAR I'LL GO GET IT FOR YOU." I gave them the head-shake, ran to the kitchen, and cried because my hand was in so much pain. I fuckin hate chicken teriyaki dishes. fuck you meat.
I came out in about 15 mins with a sore ass hand and just went back into working-mode.
then from the back, the 4 dudes were waving for me and asked me if I was okay. aw, so nice. I'm not. my hand's in so much pain, i hate the world and i hate all of you.

Oh, I stepped on some customer's shitty umbrella and it apparently broke? They didn't tell me if it did or not, but I'm pretty sure I heard a cheap $4 'snap' on my way through that paraguas of yours.

i now just realized that i have a burn from a chicken teriyaki skillet on my left hand, and on my right hand i have a burn from my hair straightener, in which the "ionic heat" somehow ionically burned my skin into a shrivel and made my knuckle look like a clit. wow, that was inappropriate.

OMG I DROPPED A BOWL OF RICE ON A CUSTOMER AND THE BOWL FELL AND SSSSSSSHATTERED ONTO THE FLOOR. these douchebags sitting at a table nearby were like "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! *starts clapping*". Thereby after, I hope you know that they were given the shittiest service ever: kicking the back of their chairs and forgetting their orders was a fuckin given.
but the customer was really nice about it. I was super surprised.
and then my manager told me that he went to that table and told them that one of our chefs got injured in the kitchen and that's why i seemed startled. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH. ain't that a laugh.

i love my manager. he's super asian though but i suppose everything can't be perfect.

when the manager left, it was just me and the new chick. we were like, soooo chilllllllll. it was pretty rad. but she compliments me too much and i don't like it. i just really don't. because i know i'm not SUGOI (japanese term for mentally/physically able to do some out of this world. like being famous. I'll never be that SUGOI.)
tusdays are fuckin horrible, and today was the worst tuesday of all fuckin tuesdays.
my feet smell and i'm out of alcohol.