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happy. fuckin. new years.
2012, it's the years for opportunities, a growth, an epidemic....yes 2012.
I wonder what's going to happen this year to me?
retrospecting to 2011 is like, watching a movie. Last year was really crazy.
I was in Berlin, unsure of myself. but kept going anyway. and then I started making friends. and we were partying so hard. and we had serious conversations. and then we got crazy, and then we were like " OMG, WERE BEST FRIENDS NOW."
I miss my friends in berlin. they're like such beautiful people. I miss it a lot. What I miss the most...
the u-bahn and its un predictable controllers.
AT LEAST 50% of ppl are holding a beer at any given time.
there's a lot of white dudes -- white dudes are hot.
there's a lot of tall dudes -- tall dudes are hot.
it's really cheap -- if compared to the NYC payscale, fuck yeah. but then again when i was a berliner....i was shit poor.
tacheles -- artist building!! I went there all the time and smoked a lot with the artists. tacheles will always hold a special place in my heart.
SUNDAYS AT MAUERPARK -- mending your hangover at mauerpark. all you need is a blanket, some shades, and more alcohol. Went there with like 6 hungover friends, and it was the best chill time ever.
falafels -- cheap and good. but if you overdo it, you'll bloat.



but NYC is pretty cool, too. I'm sure if I went back to Berlin, I'd miss NYC just as much. I'll definitely cry.
but then again, when I was in London I missed Greenwich a lot. wow that's SO STRANGE.
I love the world.
that's not so strange.

yes i love the world. and it loves me. I'm so happy. I'm so glad that I'm a happy person. damn yes.

i love you out there, whoever is always eyeing on this blog. It's been 8 fuckin years since I've had this thing.