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self-reflection, a positive outlook between the mirrors

accomplishments in the past year:
1) Change in Location: Successfully moved abroad - familiar bustling city scenery, international social atmosphere, with variety and wide selection. unfamiliar self-reliance, complete independence
2) Self-awareness: Learned more about myself - why I am the way I am, though the journey is on-going. My habits, my reactions, my strengths and weakenesses
3) Boyfriend: Sustained a relationship - though rocky and unsure in the beginning, I faced myself and the way I am with another on an intimate level. To be honest with my emotions, despite how radical they may be, they are a part of me and I'm slowly gaining knowledge on the balance between emotional vs intellectual reaction to the immediate trigger
4) Friends: This one I am still working on. I really miss my friends back in NYC, though my acquaintance circle is huge in Berlin, I feel my true friend circle is very small. and that's okay. I've realize that my mind wanders very often, I am very easily distracted and this awareness helps me toward the next step.

what I'd like to do in the next 6 months:
1) Limit my mind-wandering - it is constructive only when realistic ideas arise. Otherwise it is distracting, sometimes negative and creates unnecessary worry about things that do not exist
a) 30 minutes yoga every day, writing, sleep 8 hours, limit caffeine intake, stay active and healthy
b) exert extra energy towards something constructive, other than work: review writing on restaurants/hotels/etc, german language study, ,,,,,,
c) CBT. when the moment arises, acknowledge it, and let it go. talk to somebody if I need to.

2) Complete German B1
a) go back to language school starting May
b) study study study. discipline

3) Continue travelling once a month, whether international or regional.
a) educate myself on the city, the people, the language. historical, emotional
b) pursue restaurant hunting for my continual love for food


What I'd like to accomplish in 2 years:
1) Work towards my undergrad. Business or Linguistics or?
2) Increase revenue from current situation
3) Travel to at least 10 new cities, review accordingly
4) Make a collection of my writing into one binding (whether poetic or fictional or philosophical)
5) ,,,

Continue working on myself, exploring, educating, expanding, leaving behind the things I do not need and embracing the things that I want to keep in my life.