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appreciation 2016

things to be thankful for as we enter the 2nd season of 2016:

1) the love that have blossomed beautifully between my honey and I.
we've known each other for almost 2 years. committed to one another for 1. and living together for 8 months. to learn what loving another person means, and also learning to love myself

2) learning to forgive the past and letting things go.
every day is a new day. another day to get closer to goals. another day to do something a little crazier than before. another chance to eat healthier, stay motivated and indulge in face masks.

3) money management and not going on a spree.

4) job promotion to what i know i can do, and be paid better for the things i can provide.

5) being honest and knowing when to shut the fuck up

YAY life is very cool.