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machu picchu pikachu

damn it snowed 10inches lol
it wuz my day off so i basically just chilled.
went to barnes+nobles n read sum book on peru.
d pics of machu picchu luked sooooo sick
i can't believe im not going der!!!! lol
it supposedly takes lyk two days just to get there
...or four, if u wanna take the inca trail....
maybe five for me, cuz im, uh, lazy. lol
i'll hav to nudge out sum more dinero for dat too...
airfare to cuzco...then train up to d place...then enterance fee...
im only gona b in peru for 4 days
honestly der's not much dat i can do lol

but heh!
machu picchu will always be in peru
but my friend who's on vacay over der won't!
so ha!



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