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a lil fun

i thought it wud b fun
y not
but naa...im tired of stressin
n thinkin, maybe??
i got played
played by me
cuz im d one dat created d game

ugh dis is seriously really tiring
i dont need dis no more

just drop everythin...
and start fresh....is wut id lyk to say

but now, honestly, i dunno wut i even want in lyf anymore
all the local men wooin me dnt make me happy
the 20 pairs of designer jeans dnt make me happy
losin sum weight dnt keep me happy
sleepin n eating ryt aint doin it either
takin drugs dont last as long

so i think to myself
maybe i shud just do drugs all day
but if i do dat i know ill b even more fucked up

i hate lustin.

theres nottin really dats makin me happy nowadays
well, at least i hav enough conscience to realize dat



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