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not again

the butterflies
the jitters
ur makin me get those feelings again

i check my cell to c if u txted me
i think about wut ur up to
if i dont talk to u i wonder if maybe i did sumthin
even tho i know everytym u c me
u feel those exact emotions dat rush thru me too

how many times hav i experienced dis?
and everytym i tell myself "dis one's different."
but u know wut, all the guys that i've had feelings for,
they were all wonderful and unique and i enjoyed being wit them when we were together.
but the past is sumthin u cant bring bak
once it becomes a memory it'll stay that way
but u, ur in my present
and that's why u r so very special to me.

the past has helped us become who we are now
the future is wut drives us to become who we wanna b
and the present is where we thrive and do wut our hearts desire

that is why i honor u my present
as long as u stay and keep smilin
nothin will change

like u said.



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