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just gimme d truth

honestly i dont think im lyk other girls
im not gona get so ga-ga over u just lyk dat
cuz i dont want guys to take advantage of me
in a way i guess u can say im also insecure
thats why i tend to juggle guys' hearts around
but y not get dat charisma goin and hav a lil bit of fun?

i really lyk dis guy a lot, but hes just so mysterious sumtimes
even heard sum stuff dat he may hav another girl...damn dat hurt.i almost cried.
but u know wut i aint gona start up again cuz im not lyk how i used to be
i aint dependant on a guy and i dont need a guy to complete me
if u really do hav a girlfriend then u sure played me very well.
id be upset and dissapointed, but mostly id feel sry for ur gf dat she has such a crappy bf.
but then again u sounded so genuine when i asked u straight up
damn ppl be talkin. i hate drama.
my brain hurts lyk a bitch.

im eating raisins.



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