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ur txts

u txt me just to check up n c how im doin
if i dont txt u for one day u'll txt me ryt b4 midnyt and say ud been waiting for me to txt u
aw dats cute uve been thinkin about me all day havent u
seems lyk ur really into me
no joke its really cute
u do things dat just makes me smile
little things lyk coming over to me just to c me
nottin special, we don't talk
but ull gimme a real nice smile
dat smile dat shows how much u lyk me

god ur so hot no joke honey!!!

im gona b laid bak about it
and see where it goes
why even bother about all dat drama?
i gotta enjoy it while it lasts
and if it doesn't, then hell with it
cuz i'll know dat d times dat we did hav fun
will always be in my memories

ur one special dude



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