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wait for you

I miss who I thought he was.

His jealousy was over the top,
and sometimes he had controlling problems.
but he is a great guy, he really is. amazing even.
I never wanted to change him, only some of his ways.
because caring isn't just about feeling, it's about 'doing' too.
but you constantly tried to change who I am,
and I felt so lost.

I'm sorry my chicken casserole didn't satisfy your taste buds.
I'm sorry that button I sewed back on your shirt only lasted a few weeks.
I'm sorry I'm not traditional.
I'm sorry I ended up not being your ideal.

I can't make you happy. because I can't change.

I keep thinking about all the fun times we had
and I'm starting to miss it, but I'm not going back.
I'm sorry.



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