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july 14th

it's sort of like a fairytale,
a young, ambitious european man decides to move out to the americas.
it was for work and he wanted to expanded his network.
however, it wasn't the jobs or the monuments that really struck him
it was more the people and the culture that made nyc super special.
he felt absolut freedom. absolut diversity. absolut love.

from this vacation of his,
he's found more than just new connections,
he's found a whole new, vibrant world.
he found me.

and i found him.

funny how things end up like this.
i am so so glad to have met you, g.

you are so beautiful, in every way possible.
i hope your everyday is filled with happiness and light.
but sometimes it's important to have shitty days, too.
because those shitty days make you remember that you are human
and that happy days aren't a given.

instead of asking myself questions about us
i keep wanting to know more about you.
instead of asking about where our relationship is going,
i'd rather ask you what your favorite meal is.
instead of wondering if i'm secure in your heart,
i'd rather ask if you want a back massage so you can destress.
instead of worrying and wondering and wandering
i'd rather be curious, be very curious, and take an adventure with you.



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