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it's been far too long since i last updated this little thing of mine.
i came to berlin in february, traveled for a month around western europe march-april,
and now back in berlin.
being here has opened my eyes to so many things
the diverse group of people, their creativity, their intellect, their thoughts and opinions.
because ppl influence me, in a positive way.
new york is fun as well with my usual people and the vibrant colors that constantly glows throughout the city
but honestly i'm so bored of that place,
i've figured out everything from the habits that people have to the daily situations of the G train that never comes,
the freezing weather, the so-called 'b-boys' who walk so fuckin slow on the sidewalk while rapping to themselves.
i've gotten bored of london as well. went there 3 times in the past 2 months.
I mean, I love it. it's classy, quiet, red and green everyday. (red buses and green everywhere, not xmas dude.)
but it doesn't spark my curiousity as it did when i first arrived last year.

i still have tons to figure out about berlin, it's so mysterious and cultivated. I want to know more.

but somehow, greenwich is one place that i can never get tired of.
i actually miss it a lot.
driving around in my honda, blasting music on a crisp summer day.
my occasional visit to the wine shop where the dude so tried to hit on me.
the pharmacist at cvs who says she's totally going to my hairstylist everytime she sees me (she'll never go.)
I miss whipping by my friend's place just to bullshit around and smoke a lot of trees, and then passing out. haaaa.
i miss the beach. yes that little dinky ass beach that is reserved only for gwich citizens...unless you want to cough up $20 for a visitors pass.
aw, how i enjoy the bitchiness of all the desperate housewives who only shop at whole foods.
one day i'm going to buy a house in greenwich for my mom to live in.
I'd totally visit every weekend....assuming that i'd be living in new york, which is pretty unlikely.
so I guess i'll just visit once in a blue moon. okay.

I've learned the importance of money, and how it's sometimes not even essential. irony.
because i can enjoy a super cheap calimocho while bitching around with friends at their pad.
all i need to do is bring a bottle of wine and the party keeps going.

i enjoy life and what it has to offer,
sometimes you just need to open up a bit and explore your horizons
to realize how vibrant and wonderful life really is.

I'm going back to nyc on may 10th...3 weeks left!
homeless, be it. I enjoy living it day-by-day. for now I suppose.



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