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nyc love and charm

holy shit. it's august.
my uber new friend mari told me that i should update my blog with some happy thoughts so i shall do just that.
and fuck yes my life in nyc thus far has been filled with nothing but happy moments.

im still not fond of the harlem neighborhood i call home
and the subways are stinky and filled with stinky, sweaty ppl
but i'm surrounded by good vibes and good people, and it's been one hell of a ride.
my work hours are bizarre, being on my feet for 15+ hours in a single day
and doing that over and over and over....
but in the end it's all worth it. because i not only go home with a stash of money
but i also have some trippy experiences by conversing with so many different people that you'd otherwise never come across in a personal setting.

oh, and i met an amazing guy. yeah, typical yuki tendency.
i was serving his table and on his 2nd visit to the lounge he asked for my number
and ever since then we've just been spending some rad time together.
i CANNOT WAIT to chill with him again. he lights up my day like a happy unicorn.
ok, that was a bit gay.
but hey, i'm open to gayness. YAY MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN NY!!!!!!

i don't know how much longer i'll be in nyc.
i'm just liking the consistency that i've established here. quite refreshing.

being in your 20's is such a fuckin adventure.
you try different things, experience with new attributes, learn from others,
make mistakes, regret things, and move on.
you're consistently trying to figure out who you are,
what you want to do, where you want to be.
and then by the time you hit 30, you've pretty much figured out a lot of shit
and then the ride just gets even better once you're up there.

i'm 22 already. my god. what the fuck am i doing with my life.
i honestly have no idea.
all i know is that i'm living everyday as if it's my last.



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