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cheerful beginnings

drifting in and out
in...then back out.
i was attempting to go into a deep slumber
when i heard an unfamiliar cat crying with a squeeky meow
a guy sarcastically says, "oh my god. shut up."
and then 5 seconds later he says " there you go :) <3 "
I'm still in the bed, warm and cozy however unfamiliar
my eyes slowly open and close. i yawn. i stretch.
oh yeah, i'm at izzy's place.
It was roughly 10am, and izzy left for work really early.
It was a strange feeling. Comforting, yet peligroso.
strangely enough, I've yet to let it be a retrospection.

so i've been on 3 dates with this dude within a week.
and just this morning he let me 'stay as long as i want.'
hm. is that a good thing? does he like me?
Oh bashful insecurities.
of course he fuckin does.
who wouldn't. :)
but anyway.
i'd like to get to know him more.
once he hits awesome guy status
official dating shall be commenced.



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