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friday night DJ improv

he looks so good when he's DJing
he looks so cute when he smiles
he always know how to touch and kiss me
i tell him he's gorgeous, but he doesn't think so.
he tells me that i'm gorgeous, but i don't think so.
i suppose we are just 2 modest ppl,
who loves to drink and lounge,
laugh and giggle,
living in the present
in unpredictable nyc.
i'd like to get to know you more, izzy darling. <3

Since my current main squeeze is living in Brooklyn,
i've been making my way there 2-3x a week these days.
Brooklyn is funnnnnnnnnn damn how come I was so anti-brooklyn for so long?
Such a mysterious place, with its hidden bars and venues
its chilled out atmosphere, although rowdy at times,
there's something about brooklyn that's pretty dope.

2012, you are indeed a mysterious one.

Also, my brother had told me that he rented a house in London for everybody to stay in
and that we're all chipping in. He could've told me a bit earlier as I was trying to figure out my sleeping situation.
gee wiz.



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