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7-day bikram yoga challenge : PRE

i have so many thoughts constantly running through my mind
but it's all jumbled up into a big mess and i can't think straight
my mind and body feels heavy
overloaded with shit i've been exposed to from the outside
even my writing has become shitty too.

i need to find my inner zen.

SO. tomorrow i'll be starting my bikram yoga challenge at the local studio.
7 days. everyday. 90 mins. 105 degrees. me against myself.
i've always done yoga at home, but obviously it's not the same.
I have the same comfortable atmosphere,
the same lazy tendencies of stopping and replying back to a text or looking at facebook ...
ahem, that's not what yoga is about yuki san.

i need discipline.
i want to relieve all the stress i have
feel better about myself and let the world go by smoother

it's going to be difficult, but i know i'll feel so much better once I start this.
let the journey begin!



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