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7-day bikram yoga challenge : DAY 1

HOLY SCHEISSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel goooooood.
as if I've just came out of a hot spring bath in fukushima.
so fuckin' refreshed and.... zen!
but during my session I thought I was going to die the whole half-end of it.

Instead of buying the 7-day intro pass, I bought the 1-month
if i was going to commit then damn right i'm going to COMMIT.

30 mins in
At first the 105 degree room felt like I was tanning at coney island on a hot day.
I started to sweat within the first few minutes but stayed nicely focused.
However, once 30mins has passed I started getting dizzy and couldn't concentrate on keeping balance
I started seeing black spots and omg I almost totally died.
We weren't allowed to drink water during a pose so I dazed out and closed my eyes while sitting down.

1 hour in
the beats of sweat turned into a shield of pure swear covering my whole body.
I didn't wipe my face once with a towel though, I just let it slide down.
because honestly at that point you really don't care AT ALL.
I sat out on a few poses because they were just too intense and I didn't want to faint.

last 15 mins
Many deep stretching, pretzel-like poses were involved in the last minute
with a resting position intertwined, which was really refreshing
my heart was pounding through my whole body, I was drenched in sweat
people were breathing super heavily
it was fuckin INTENSE

but I made it through! I stayed in a 105 degree fucking HOT room and did yoga (although not all poses) for 90mins.

I was so proud of myself when the instructor said we were finished,
but I felt so dehydrated that I needed water ASAP.
Once downstairs I chugged about a liter of cold water,
then felt really nauseous and ran to the toilet because I could feel it coming UP.
I totally missed the seat. gross.
strangely, it was just salty water. still pretty gross.

I sat down for a bit, then went into a shower stall and took a cold shower.
it felt soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood.
i'm pretty sure i was breathing out so hard that perhaps people thought of something.
but I didn't care, it was unbelievably refreshing and I felt so rejuvenated.

When I left, I felt light. I felt strong. Tired yes, but I felt confident and awesome.

I'm so glad that I researched about bikram yoga before going in.
Although I was still a curious bean, not knowing what this eagle pose business really was
but it's SO SO important to know the basic etiquettes and preparation for a yoga class.

THANK YOU BIKRAM YOGAAAA I'll be back tomorrow.



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