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the present.

hello. i am in my early 20's. and i just got home at 6:16am.
such a freedom that I've realized that I should respect and prosper.
current background music is FEIST "1234"... I love this song!!
so light, yet so profound!

I'll probably wake up with a slight hangover tomorrow.
but I'm still quite conscious of what I am writing. or maybe not.
whatever it is, the need to write is here. the passion is here. and i am glad to have that.

hmmm, since the last time I wrote in here,
many things has happened.
like I said before, and of course how many dreamers have said before,
life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.
jordan is what has happened to me about 3 weeks ago.
A muslim guy, so beautiful and unique. silly at times,
but very honest and sincere with himself.
I've known him for awhile now,
but it's just 3 weeks ago that I let loose and told him what a beautiful face he has.
oh his eyes, his eyes.....
so dreamy, i could get lost when i stare at them.

anyway, enough about love. or lust. or whatever it is i am feeling.
i am just go content that i am simply... "feeling" .

tonight was a great night out.
i had so much fun with my co-workers at tom's.
even though it was short-lived, and i wish i could've enjoyed it much longer.
but that is how it is. to enjoy it as much as i can, with the time that we are limited to.
discipline is something I really do lack, because the freedom that comes with time
is just to precious,
i'd much rather hold onto the freedom i have,
then to restrict myself with a 'limit' that i know i have.

but that is how it is
to be in your 20's.

i am actually no longer in my early 20's.
i am 24. wow, 24!!!!

.... time to sleep now. my brain needs rest.
if only i could breathe through my nose.



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