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breaking point?

for me it is always about trusting the process and respecting the situation
but my fellow surroundings have definitely brought up a good point.
....is that i am too free. i enjoy the freedom that's been propositioned upon me
by whomever it may be.
because i like to think that time and its energy molds moments to the way it becomes

i'm indulging everyday the most that i can....
and i don't regret anything, this is who i am. i am in sync with the world.
it's so interesting, i feel like i've found myself to a certain degree.

but at the same time, i can constantly in search for thy self, and the meaning of it all
and that in itself is pretty damn cool.
whatever anybody else says,
it never fazes me
because the answer that i've come up with
is just so inspiring to myself,
that nothing can let it change,
although i can take it in perspective,
the chemistry in my mind never seizes to redefine.

it's 6am,
nyc runners trotting thru the park
and i'm about to fall asleep

so peacefully!
i'm off tmrw. which makes it even betterrrrr. wooooo



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