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words flowing out like endless rain

words flowing out like endless rain
as the mind ripens and matures you start to wonder
since when did i stop feeling the pain?

we've all had a time in our life when things were pretty tough
day full of uncertainties and emotions start to get rough
and you sometimes want to let yourself slip away even just for a second
but then you notice your feet grounded to the reality that its no island
we are all in it for the same reason: to let the air keep us alive
and have the conscience to ponder on what makes us thrive

there are so many layers and complexities put upon our existence
culture. religion. family. friends. timing. unexpected tendencies. alcohol and drugs. work. school.
everything intertwines at different times and sometimes it doesn't make any sense
but it does
it all does

the day I stopped being a victim of my own pain
I realized that it's okay to be a broken butterfly
when you accept the fact that you have done too deep
that's when you start to heal and see the vibrant colours of the world
life is so precious, i intend on not wasting a moment
to be free, it is the most relaxing feeling
and it all starts from within and nowhere else

to have strength in self-esteem, to be sensible to your surroundings and others
but still vibin' it all and jamming to the great brothers
of our time, you realize how beautiful this life is

i love my life, slow and steady,
being true and controlling the flow by letting it go
as it wishes, and make decisions when the passion is right
i have a feeling my future is going to be really awesome
and i will never stop thinking and writing and being hyper with my mind.


so it's a monday, my day off. i've been smoking thru my elephant for the past hour.
day off tendencies, i'm attempting to clean and do my laundry,
i'd clean for about 5 mins, then get a text, end up on the couch, smoke a cigarette. repeat.
oh life.



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