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the solitary truth

the truth can be as simple as
'the sky is blue'
'i am 5 feet 2'
'1 us dollar is equivalent to .71 euros'

but somebody had to create the idea that
'this color will be called blue'
'1 foot will equal 12 inches'
'depending on inflation and interest rates, the value of the dollar will result in this amount'

what is truly certain in this world?
what makes people believe that something is the truth?

because we believe.

without believing, many things what we thought as the truth
would turn into complete oblivion
our minds are molded and shaped since we are born
to see things from a certain light
and as we grow and mature, we begin to question these ways
and change our own perception by putting more faith within oneself.
just as if one way works for one person
doesn't seemingly work for another.

different minds, different goals, different objectives
it creates a polygamy of unity
however a monogamy of chaos.

on an animalistic level,
it is all quite simple.
all we need is energy to survive.
from food to social interaction.
we are incredibly greedy, sensitive and love-seeking creatures.

is there one truth to all things?
or are there many truths to one thing?

what some believe as 'the truth'
can be used for another's advantage.
and it is difficult to know when this is happening
especially if you are in the midst of the game

the current state of the world is suffering
because there is so much lying happening
and the monetary system is extremely corrupt

the truth can set us free
and the first step to recovery
is to begin from within yourself.

what do you desire
what is the truth you seek
and what is the destiny you want to see
become a reality for YOU?

from a personal stance
to the bigger picture

what changes do you wish to see within yourself
and the whole world?

it all starts with YOU.

so go on, be greedy.
because you have all the right to be so.
and with this freedom comes responsibility,
responsibility towards those around you
responsibility towards the system
and responsibility towards your personal happiness

because we are a society, a monogamy of chaos.
or a polygamy of unity?

however you want to look at it,
there is no choice but to embrace it.
because we are in it as i type
and it isn't going anywhere.



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