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there are only ways

there is no right way to do anything. no rules and no boundaries of absolute dictation. there are only 'ways'. the rules you believe, are they really yours? or is it from the outside, from the older generation, from the other universe..have we got what it takes to take those rules and mend it to our own needs?

Since I was a child I was stubborn, rebellious and always went the other way. and I got smacked for it by the palms of tough love and by the societal realm.
nothing is real. and yet everything is. To be smacked by my own reality, that is true freedom. in some twisted unrealistic way. I like to tell myself that I am free in this restricted world. sometimes I gotta take what is there. and so it goes.

live by your own rules, live through your emotions entirely, some will understand it. some may not. who cares. I don't care!
*high jumping with wine in hand*



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